Andrea Villanes is a Peruvian Native who studied in the US. She received her bachelor degree from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, and two Masters Degrees from North Carolina State University, one in Analytics, the other in Computer Science. She has been awarded several scholarships, worked for Walmart, and does regular consulting work for US firms including Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts Games, WebAssign. Andrea is an expert in navigating the application process for international students, taking the required exams, and embracing in the exciting (and terrifying) experience of studying and living in a new country.

Naseem Ehsan grew up in the US in a first generation household. She supported herself throughout her educational career, graduating from UC Berkeley and then receiving an MBA from Indiana University. Naseem has worked for multiple Fortune 100 firms in various industries including AT&T, Walmart, and Johnson & Johnson. She regularly gives talks to undergraduates and graduate students preparing for their future careers. She currently resides in New Jersey.