Perspective Students: Undergraduate and Graduate School

Receive individually tailored, one-on-one coaching on the following services:

Essay Preparation, Review, and Revision
We help identify your strengths in building a powerful, compelling, personal statement. Essays are tailored to the specific university program you are applying to.

Resume Building
USA resumes are different from CVs and international resumes. We assist in building a tailored resume based on your unique experiences and programs you are applying to.

Online Application Review
We review your online application with you to ensure it is filled out correctly and completely.

Grammatical Perfection
We ensure your English is perfect.

Financial Aid/Scholarship advice
Save money. We not only help you get in, but we provide advice on how to receive financial aid. Almost every student we have successfully helped received financial aid from a university they applied to.

School Interview Preparation
Some university programs require an interview. We coach students for interviews in English so that you are your best self for the big day.

Applicant Preparation
Universities look for students who have the whole “package,” not just the high grades and test scores. We help perspective students craft their unique story holistically, making them a more competitive candidate for their top USA programs.

Recommendation Letter Coaching
We provide a Recommendation Letter roadmap so that you can identify the right recommenders, approach those recommenders, and secure strong recommendations for your application.

Securing Transcripts
We coach you through the process of how to secure your official transcripts from your high school or university and translate them for perspective schools.

Student Visa Coaching
We are experts in helping you navigate the ins and outs of securing your student visa. Our coaching will make the process of navigating the paperwork easier.

School Selection Coaching
We provide coaching assistance to students on selecting the right schools to apply for based on your goals and needs.

Networking Advice
The best applications produced are a result of upfront networking with university staff. Networking upfront will help give you an edge in developing compelling application content that is tailored to that specific school.

Unlimited Email & Text Messages
Get answers to unlimited email questions and text messages.

Pricing & Packages

A la carta:

Service Price What it includes
Essay $450 - 4 one-hour one-on-one sessions
- Ideation, brainstorming, outline, expert feedback on each draft
- Grammatical perfection
- Unlimited email/text messages
Resume $450 - 4 one-hour one-on-one sessions
- Resume template, expert feedback on each draft
- Grammatical perfection
- Unlimited email/text messages
School Interview $500 - 4 one-hour one-on-one sessions
- Practice question preparation
- Interview feedback and interview etiquette
- Unlimited email/text messages
Online Application Review $100 - 1 one-hour one-on-one session
- We go through your entire online application form with you
One time essay edit $50 - We review your essay and make sure it is grammatically correct
Seeking Letters of Recommendation $150 - 2 thirty-minute one-on-one sessions
- Roadmap guide: Getting the best from your recommenders
- Unlimited email/text messages
A 1-hour, face-to-face online dialogue $50 - Expert advice/feedback

All Inclusive Package (Per month):

• 4 one-hour one-on-one sessions per month
• Unlimited email access/text messages
• Essay Coaching
• Recommendation Letter Coaching
• Resume Preparation
• School Interview Preparation
• Online Application Review
• Transcript Coaching
• Student Visa Coaching
• Student Visa Coaching
• School Selection Coaching
• Financial Aid/Scholarship Advice
• Networking Advice

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